Wood pellets and their usage

Wood pellets and their usage

Bulk wood pellets are primarily used in the winter season. It is an alternative fuel source and a place for natural gas and other expensive non-renewable energy resources. The bulk wood pellets are used in the stove to heat the house. It can also be used for cooking purposes. It also has some beneficial uses in the industry, such as in the bilayer of power plants. In addition, wood pellets can also be used as animal bedding, such as installs of horses.

Types of wood pellets:

There are different types of wood pellets. Mainly found in the market are given as follows;

One is premium wood pellets. The premium pellets are more durable and have less moisture content. Moreover, these wood pellets contain no bark and have less than 0.5 percent ash content.

The second type is standard wood pellets, usually made from forestry wood. It has an ash content higher than 0.5 and is less durable than premium wood pellets.

The third widely used wood pellets type is Food-grade wood pellets. It contains no additives while it’s manufacturing. Food-grade wood pellets are used for grilling food and give no sour flavor.

Benefits of using wood pellets:

Wood pellets have different uses, so these are used as an alternative to other heating and fuel sources. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  1. The burning of wood pellets produces significantly less amount of ash. Moreover, the smoke is not produced much by its burning.
  2. These are very much customized in nature. Customers can install it anywhere in the house to get energy.
  3. Burning of wood pellets results in complete combustion. The oxides of nitrogen and oxygen are produced in significantly fewer amounts, so it is an environmentally friendly fuel source.

Making of wood pellets:

There are many different sources of getting wood pellets. Wood pellets are a biomass fuel. These can be made from wood chips, wood leaves, sawmill wood, and branches.

  • All these wood materials are brought to the pellet mill process in the first step. All the raw material is brought to specific moisture content, heat value ash content and dead burning characteristics at this stage. It ensures the burning of wood pellets consistently.
  • In the second step, the wrong material is chipped into small pieces. The process of chipping is done with the help of chippers and hammers. The chippers and hammers take the feed from large wood chips and cut them into small pieces, so they dry quickly.
  • In the third step, the drying of pallets is done. It is done for the efficient burning of the wood pellets. Large dry drums are used to remove the moisture. These plums use natural gas burners or other heating sources to extract water.
  • The next step is passing the sawdust through dies and very high pressure. In this way, the natural lignin is removed from it. It makes the wood pellets more durable.
  • The last step is about calling the pellets and storing them. Wood pellets are cooled with the help of cooling towers and are then packed into packs of specific weights.