Why You Need Grandfalls Pressure Washer for Your Home

Why You Need Grandfalls Pressure Washer for Your Home

Do you find it so stressful walking around your home only to notice an untidy yard, clinging clouds of dust on the walls and pavements, and not forgetting the stubborn stains on home surfaces? Well, cleaning all that dirt at home will down your moods, especially when you don't know where to start. Here's the good news: purchasing a pressure washer will save you from the hassle of executing these major chores and, even more, make cleaning your compound an enjoyable task.

Five main reasons Grandfalls pressure washer is vital for your home

Having a pressure washer at your home can save you a few bucks for hiring extra labor, allow you to plan when to clean your space, give you peace of mind, among other reasons. The following are some more reasons you should consider bringing this fantastic tool to your home.

It saves time and energy

Stubborn stains can take much of your time trying to get rid of them. This machine produces a max of 2200 PSI and 2.1 GPM. The high PSI means that the machine generates a lot of pressure and can clean even the dirtiest surfaces. GPM measures the amount of water coming from the machine per minute, and it's pretty impressive on this one. With a high GPM, it enables you to cover a larger area quickly and easily.

Easy to use

The machine is ready to use as the assembling is done by the company, and a user manual comes with it. The manual contains instructions on how to use it. Therefore, you will not need to hire an expert to come and operate the machine for you. If you feel the need for help, you can always seek assistance by contacting the company.


You will need to reach all the corners of your yard or the car with minimal effort or without the demand to extend the hose reel. When you have a machine with a hose as long as 100 feet, it becomes easy to clean even the furthest corner of your home.


Cleaning stubborn stains, scouring a car, or even clinging dust requires maximum effort and time. You will quickly get tired and may even do a shoddy job after draining your energy. However, this machine can perform wonders when cleaning even large compounds.


The pressure washer consumes less energy. You can even use the car battery to power the machine. You should not worry about the power bills increasing. Many people think that pressure washers are only valid for commercial purposes to save on energy which is not valid.

Add a pressure washer to your home today

There is no doubt that you need this machine for your home use, considering the number of tasks it can perform given the time limitation. Its effectiveness will boost your home value and cleanliness; your visitors will want to come over all the time. Ready to have a relaxed home ambiance and a spotless environment? Get a quality Grandfalls pressure washer from our store today.