Top 8 Precautions While Handling Your Electric Pressure Washer

Top 8 Precautions While Handling Your Electric Pressure Washer

An electric pressure washer is a machine like any other. If you do not apply the necessary precautions, accidents may happen. For instance, if you place the power cord in water for long, it may damage your machine. Therefore, you should know the essential pressure washing safety measures. Here are some of the leading measures

1. Wear the appropriate protective gadgets

Protective gadgets, such as goggles, gumboots, gloves, and ear protection, prevent avoidable injuries. Most people often avoid wearing devices while doing their pressure washing. However, the tools are essential. For instance, gumboots can protect you from slipping quickly. Slipping on concrete can cause several injuries. The injuries can go as far as breaking your arm.

2. Do not aim the wand at any pet or person

Ensure that you point the wand downwards. A pressure washer operates at very high pressure. If you aim its wand towards someone, you may easily cause harm. For example, the red nozzle’s pressure can damage concrete, which means that it can harm a pet or a person. The damage it can cause can go as far as internal injury. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable with the high pressure first.

3. Do not leave the power source of the electric pressure washer on

After you complete your cleaning duties, turn off the pressure washer. If you leave it on, then you may suffer from electrocution. Also, ensure that your machine does not have any live wires. If water and a live wire come into contact, there may be catastrophic impacts.

4. Avoid cleaning from high heights or ladders

Never underestimate the pressure that an electric pressure washer has. The force is enough to cause a kickback, which may make you fall or lose balance. If you plan to clean high places, you can always use wands and lances.

5. Develop a safe parameter before using the electric pressure washer

You can create the secure parameter by removing any fragile objects around. Also, make sure to remove anything that may cause you to trip. Also, make sure that your pet is not around you.

6. Read your electric pressure washer user manual

Most people often ignore the user manual. But it is one of the first things that you should read. Different machines have varying handling ways. For instance, you cannot use cold water on a hot water machine. The user manual often consists of the essential safety tips to apply.

7. Always use the correct nozzle

The type of nozzle should matter significantly in your cleaning duties. There may be some damage if you use the red nozzle on a light job. Thus, always use the correct nozzle type for a specific job.

8. Always engage the safety latch

If you are not using your pressure washer, engage the safety latch. It will prevent the machine from accidentally engaging.


An electric pressure washer is a machine that requires careful handling. If you ignore some essential precautions, then accidents may happen. Therefore, it is always necessary to follow the proper safety precautions.