The Benefits of Corrugated Pallet

The Benefits of Corrugated Pallet

Corrugated pallets have been used for many decades. These pellets are known by names like cupboard pallets, paper board sheets, and paper pallets. These pellets are designed to deal with the challenges associated with other pallet types like wood and plastic pellets.

Here is a guide that will explain to you what these pallets are and their benefits. If you are interested to know, read the article below!

What are Corrugated Pallets?

Corrugated pallets are display and shipping pallets made from corrugated material. Corrugated is a cupboard material in which parallel grooves are formed between the cupboard layers to increase strength and rigidity.

Corrugated are extensively used to make pellets and boxes, providing greater benefits while shipping and storing materials. These pellets keep the products safe against moisture and external pressure without imposing any force on them.

Benefits of Corrugated Pallets

1. Economical Option

The storage and transport pallets are available in different materials like plastic, honeycomb, wood, and corrugated. Among all these options, corrugated/paper pallets are the most cost-effective solution.

That is why most large and small-scale businesses are using these pallets over others. The corrugated pallet cost much minimum than any other material on the market.

2. Lightweight

The corrugated pallets weigh much lesser than any other material like plastic and wood. Because of their lightweight, these pallets do not add additional weight to the products, and it becomes easier to carry, store and ship them.

For larger shipments, the lightweight saves fuel consumption as it greatly affects the overall load on the vehicle.

3. Eco-Friendly Option

A corrugated pallet is an eco-friendly option. Corrugated material is made from fibers that are 100% recyclable. This material has no harmful effect on the environment. This product is biodegradable and non-toxic in nature and is also SFI certified.

4. Easily Customizable

The corrugated pallets are very light and easily customized. These pallets are available in different shapes and sizes for varied applications. Alibaba is among those sites which are playing a vital role in meeting the global requirements of corrugated pallets.

The pallets from Alibaba are used in the logistics, manufacturing, and transportation industries. Whether you are running a small business or a large sector, check the range of these indispensable pallets for your business.

5. Absorb External Pressure

Corrugated pallets are designed by placing the groovy parallel cupboard between the two layers of the cupboard. This design makes these pallets strong and provides think edges. The thickness of pallets can vary based on the requirements.

After making the cupboard thick, the pallet becomes an excellent material to absorb greater external pressure by keeping the product safe. The increase in thickness also protects the products from moisture and many other external factors.

6. Safer Option

The lightweight cupboard pallets are much safer than plastic and wood. These pallets are unbreakable, which keeps the property and people safe if they wall on the ground. This material is also prone to microorganism growth and other insects.


The benefits of corrugated pallets are unlimited that cannot be described in one list. However, here we enlist a few major benefits of using cupboard pallets in the load handling.