Slime Kitting and the Rise of Self-Sustaining Toys

Slime Kitting and the Rise of Self-Sustaining Toys

Slime kits have gone from an affordable DIY toy to a big business in the last few decades. The slime kit is a series of chemical reactions that create a gel-like substance and can be used in a variety of ways.

The slime-kitting trend has been going on for years because it provides the user with quick gratification for their efforts and reactions. Moreover, it requires no supplies or tools to complete the project making it easy to use and scalable.

Slime kits are now being used by people from all walks of life and educational institutions as part of STEM lessons.

How to get started in DIY Slime Making?

It can be a little overwhelming for those who are new to DIY slime making at first. To help you get started, here is a list of the best ways to make your slime.

The best way to start making DIY slime is by choosing the right ingredients. You need three basic things for slime: glue, borax, and water. The glue should be not toxic or harmful and can also be easily dissolved in water like PVA glue or cornstarch. The borax should dissolve perfectly without leaving any residue behind, while the water should be cold and clean.

To make the actual mixture of your DIY slime, you need to add one part glue with three parts cold water and one part borax with two parts hot water.

The Best of the Best Available Slime Kits

There are many slime kits in the market today. There are ones for kids, adults, and for pet owners.

The Best Slime Kits Available:

  • Holographic Slime Kit: This kit is designed to provide a fun experience with holographic colors and textures, making a light show when mixed with water.
  • Silly Putty Slime Kit: This kit uses silicone polymer clay to create a soft, stretchy putty that has an amazing ability to bounce, stretch and stick.
  • Toxic Waste Slime Kit: This kit combines gel slime and toxic waste in order to make a colorful goop that sticks on contact with various surfaces; this includes walls, ceilings.

36-Colored Air Dry Light Playdough

Get creative with the light-weight, water-based polymer clay. The 36 colors are vivid and realistic. With this playdough set, you can mix colors together to create your own custom color palette. It's easy to shape and mold the clay into whatever you want, without toxic fumes or harmful chemicals.

Fluffy Slime Modelling Clay

Introducing a new generation of clay that appears to be squishy and fluffy but is actually made out of polymer clay. This air-dry clay is a little bit crunchy and dries quickly. It's the perfect clay to make slime or play dough with. Let kids create, sculpt, and mold this awesome clay that won't dry up your home or block your sink!

New Educational Plasticine Mold 

Get dirty with New Educational Plasticine, a revolutionary new clay kit that mixes and kneads itself into an instant slime, model-making or play dough activity. This no-mess, no-fuss kit is easy to use and 100% mess-free while providing hours of creative fun for children and adults.

This should be the perfect bonding time for you and your kids. With this slime molds, the idea of violence should be replaced with an entire play tone. Visit Aliexpress for many more colorful molds today.