How To Prepare An Area Before Using A Pressure Washer

How To Prepare An Area Before Using A Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is the most effective method to give any surface a sparkling clean make-over in your home. The most significant advantage of this alternative is that it allows you to take care of a big area in the nick of time. However, it would help if you took precautions to prepare an area before using a pressure washer. Assemble your pressure washer and ensure you attach the Bracket before anything else. Read on as we look into six tips you should consider in the course of pressure washing.

1. Take care of any electric connection in the area.

Water plus electricity is equal to a disaster. That is a known fact, and no one would wish to encounter it in their right mind. The pressure washing service involves the water factor. Thus, before you even think of putting your technician to work, switch off any electricity connection in the area. Make sure all extension cords within your house are unplugged alongside anything that might pose any form of danger. Besides the fear of electrocution, the pressure-washing electricians will trip over the extension cords. That is equally fatal. Do not forget to cover any outdoor electric outlets to crown it all.

2. Take your kids and pets to safety.

Kids like pets can be pretty curious. They might try to take a peek at what is happening, hence getting caught in the crossfire. Considering how intense the pressure washing exercise is, the outcome could be detrimental. The best way to steer clear of such an unfortunate scenario is to keep a close eye on your pets and kids. Please make sure they are out of the way at all times.

3. Look out for any plants that might get damaged.

You do not necessarily have to destroy your precious plants for the sake of pressure washing. It is still nice to protect your decorative plants, considering how intense the exercise can be. You can choose to transfer them to a temporary location if possible.

4. Inspect window screens thoroughly

Window screens are super delicate, and that goes without saying. It is pretty easy for the window screens to be dislodged during the pressure washing period. The best move is to inspect the screens rather than throw caution to the wind and succumb to avoidable risk. Take a keen look at the window screens and ensure that they are tightly fitted. If any window screen is hanging loose, it is prudent to take it down until the completion of the pressure washing service.

5. Relocate any items that might obstruct the technician

The pressure washing service technician you hire needs uninterrupted access to give your house a spectacular make-over. In case of an obstruction, technicians may leave out certain critical spots. In turn, you will not get value for your money. Therefore, to avoid such minute but costly shortcomings, it is imperative to get rid of anything that might get the technicians' way. This way, you will give them an easy time navigating the interior of your house smoothly for a spotless wash.

6. Seal all doors and windows

The last thing you want is water to get into your house and drench your valuable furniture. Keeping in mind that the pressure washer will emit powerful jets of water, it might be wise to seal all openings tightly. This way, you will easily avoid any unwanted inconveniences. Before the technician swings into action, thoroughly inspect your house for any cracks ensuring that any window, door, or crack is taken care of accordingly. A proper sealant will come in handy in this case.


There you go! We hope you will be ready next time you wish to do some cleaning with a pressure washer with our invaluable tips. Get cleaning and see the transformation in your home!