Different Types Of Brazilian Human Hair

Different Types Of Brazilian Human Hair

The brazilian hair is a popular kind of human hair. It comes from the South American region in Brazil and is sold worldwide. It comes in raw or Virgin form depending on the buyer's needs. Brazilian virgin hair works well with every type of hair. The reason is, it comes in different textures to accommodate everyone. The hair gives you a much fuller look after application. There is a lot of its kind to choose from, and you may get confused while shopping. To avoid this, we look at the different types of Brazilian human hair below.

Types of Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair enables you to achieve varying looks often. The different forms provide different styles that enhance your beauty and promote versatility. We outline some of the best types below.

1. Brazilian curly human hair

Lovely curly and well-maintained curly hair is a sign to behold. It's something most people, both men, and women, wish they could have. This is the reason why the application of curls activator gels has become so popular. Women work hard to get their hair to such a state. The Brazilian curly hair provides the much-needed curls for a longer time. Be it a wig, weave, or extension, it has the perfect bounce, preferably better than any other hair.

2. Straight Brazilian human hair

This type of hair screams simplicity with a bit of edge. It is the perfect choice for anyone new to the industry. As a first-time user, you may be shy to try out much bolder looks. This straight hair is flowy and soft, so your skin doesn't itch. Despite the name, the hair isn't completely straight. It has evident waves that are light. It is the most versatile of all Brazilian hair hence ideal for beginners.

3. Brazilian body wave human hair

The body wave hair has more evident waves than the straight hair. It also looks good with curls. The curls hold well, and they naturally appear when wet. The hair is thick enough, suitable for those with conditions like Alopecia or inherently less hair. Despite the volume, it is still light and manageable for everyone. This type mostly comes as unprocessed but can be done so upon request. You can get it in a variety of colors. Brazilian body wave hair can last you a while if maintained well.

4. Brazilian wigs

These wigs have a natural appearance since the hair used is from humans. The hair is mostly Virgin hair and lacks the common color or dye additions. You can purchase the wig to match your natural hair in the case of a half wig. Alternatively, you can get any texture if it is a full Brazilian wig.

5. Brazilian bundles with closure

This type also allows you to create a parting just like the wig. It promotes styling versatility as the lace closure resembles your scalp. It is way cheaper than the wigs and still gives a natural and fuller look.


You can never go wrong with Brazilian hair. There are several other types other than those listed above. In addition, it promotes style versatility through different looks. The multiple textures cater to all hair types and preferences such that you can explore what works for you. Maintenance depends on the type, and you have to do it to make it last.